iPhone SE 4 will rise from the dead with a notch in 2024

Well, apparently the iPhone SE 4 can’t die in peace. The device has been appearing in rumors for years now, but the more recent ones, have been indicating its demise. The device’s picture was painted in our minds, it would come as an all-new iPhone XR – finally embracing the notch. However, the latest rumors from January indicated a change of mind. Therefore, the smartphone was considered dead… until now.

Ming-Chi Kuo, the very reputed Apple analyst is back with a fresh report about the iPhone SE 4. Apparently, Apple had a change of heart and will introduce the phone next year. The company will also push it further to the present. It won’t be a picture of a distant past but of a more recent past. As per the report, the new iPhone will basically arrive as a revamped iPhone 14. The device will have the same 6.1-inch OLED screen with the top-notch. While the iPhone 15 series will say goodbye to the Notch, Apple will keep it alive with the iPhone SE 4, but hey! It will have an OLED panel!

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iPhone SE 4 embraces the notch – but at least with an OLED panel

iPhone SE

Considering that the iPhone SE 4 is a revamped iPhone 14, it will bring back its 6.1-inch OLED display. That is a remarkable upgrade for a series that has been sticking with LCD panels. That’s a welcome change, after all, OLED is not exclusive to premium phones anymore.

Back with the iPhone SE 4 rumors, we also have new iPhone 5G modem rumors. As per the report, the iPhone SE 4 will be the first iPhone with Apple’s own 5G baseband. That falls in line with the rumors before the death of the phone. Just like the old rumors, the new one also says that Apple will use the SE to test the new modem. It will be made on a 4nm process and will not support mmWave 5G. If everything goes with the plan, then Apple will be safe to push the modem to the flagship iPhones.

There is no forecast for the release of the iPhone SE 4. The rumors point out that production will start in the first half of 2024. Time will tell if it will be ready for a release before September – that’s when Apple will likely unleash the iPhone 16 series.

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