iPhone 15/15 Pro to launch a new color scheme

Every year when the new iPhone is launched, some colour schemes will be added or reduced. Recent reports reveal that the iPhone 15 series will add a new color scheme to separate it from the iPhone 14 series. The new color that the company will add will be dark red color, light blue and pink color. While the standard models will have pink and light blue colors, the Pro models will add a dark red color. Last year, the iPhone 14 Pro launched a unique dark purple color scheme, which attracted many fans. The distant mountain blue color scheme of the iPhone 13 Pro the year before last has also become a classic color scheme in the hearts of fans.

iPhone 15 Plus
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In other words, the unique color matching of the iPhone can actually attract many users who have personalized needs for mobile phones in addition to distinguishing product generations. In addition, this year’s iPhone 15 Pro will have more changes. According to Japanese media reports, Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro launched this year will be equipped with Sony’s latest and most advanced image sensor. This device will come with better image quality, it will also have a higher dynamic range.

Compared with ordinary sensors, this latest Sony sensor almost doubles the saturation signal level of each pixel. It can capture more light and avoid underexposure in extreme cases. In the iPhone 14 Pro series, Apple is also equipped with a 48MP sensor for the first time. But by default, it will output photos with 12MP four-in-one. However, Apple also retains the option to output photos with full pixels.

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iPhone 15 Pro to use a better camera

From the reports so far, the iPhone 15 Pro will get a stronger imaging system based on the previous generation. With Apple’s years of deep research in the imaging field, the imaging performance of the iPhone 15 Pro is still very exciting. In addition, there is news that all iPhone 15 series will support Smart Island for the standard models this year. This is a big upgrade for next-gen iPhone users. After all, the high-speed refresh tech on the iPhone 13 Pro has not been decentralized. In the basic version of iPhone 14, it is not known whether this tech can be seen in the basic version of the iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 colors

There will be an obvious change in the entire iPhone 15 series this year. The European Union recently issued a bill requiring that all electronic products entering Europe must use USB-C ports. Perhaps it is because of this bill that Apple is determined to replace the charging port.

iPhone 15 Pro expectations

Next year, Apple will focus on upgrading the iPhone 15 Pro series. If a strategy similar to this year is adopted, it means that the basic version of the iPhone 15 will use the same A16 chip as the iPhone 14 Pro series. The A17 chip of TSMC’s 3nm process. In addition, the iPhone 15 Pro series will also upgrade the memory from 6GB to 8GB. At the same time, in order to appease the basic version of the iPhone 15 users, Apple will release a 48MP lens and a pill screen design. Only on the charging interface, it will be the place where all iPhone 15 series will be upgraded.

The supply chain claims that Apple intends to adopt a buttonless design in the Pro models. The removal of the physical buttons may be a good choice for Apple. However, in order to realize this idea, it is necessary to provide additional drivers for the Taptic Engine. One major obstacle remains the lack of space in the internal of the device. In addition to dark red, the iPhone 15 Pro will still retain the classic silver, space gray and black color schemes, as well as the not so deep red color options.

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