Intel XeSS Set to Launch with Dolmen Patch on May 20th

Intel XeSS Set to Launch with Dolmen Patch on May 20th

There’s been a race for ray tracing, more advanced shadows, higher fidelity graphics, extreme frame rates and more in recent years. However, for all the hardware and software that has come along, few things have had such a shocking impact on PC gaming than Nvidia’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR technology. These golden-gun level features render your game at a lower resolution and then upscale the image to your output resolution. The effect of this is dramatic, pushing many games’ frame rates to significantly higher figures.

Of course, Intel is next to enter the GPU market, sure they have some basic hardware and mobile products out there right now, but their full-fat consumer cards get more delays than US’s The Edge. One thing that is coming from Intel, however, is their rival for both DLSS and FSR. The new technology is called XeSS, or Xe Super Sampling.

The XeSS technology will be unleashed in an upcoming patch for the game Dolmen from Massive Work Studio. The update will release on May 20th, so certainly not long to wait now. This should allow Xe LP iGPUs and Iris Xe MAX GPUs to take advantage of the boosting technology. Plus, we’ll eventually be able to use it on the upcoming Arc 3 Alchemist GPUs.

What’s interesting is that XeSS will be broadly compatible with other brands’ GPUs, so soon you may find some games will DLSS, FSR and XeSS options, meaning you’ve got more algorithms to pick from to find what best suits your needs, which is awesome!

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