Intel ARC GPUs Readily Available in Europe

intel arc a750

ARC A750 GPUS In Stock In UK and Europe

Since the launch of Intel ARC GPUs last year the stock here in the UK hasn’t been fantastic and getting one of the cards was difficult until now. UK and European retailers have received a large restock for the Intel Arc A750 GPU which recently saw a price drop down to £249, which for a card competing with the RTX 3060 is a good deal especially when the lesser performing RTX 3050 is being sold for £300.

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A Good Budget Option?

Intels ARC GPUs have had a rocky start but over time with driver updates, they have become a serious contender in the market and the £249.99 price that the ARC A750 is being sold at on OverClockers and Ebuyer makes it a tempting option for budget gamers over the alternatives from NVIDIA and AMD.

With Intel Being a new contender in the GPU market it’s worth bearing in mind that with the lower price, there are some shortcomings with some games and drivers compared to AMD or Nvidia but if you’re willing to brush off those issues it’s definitely a solid option.

Do you already own an ARC GPU or would own one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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