Huawei no longer relies on international camera giants – breaks away from Leica

As one of Huawei’s most important strategies, the next development of imaging is even more critical. He Gang, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Terminal BG, also focused on relevant content in an interview with the media. He said “Huawei XMAGE will be the exclusive symbol of Huawei Mobile Imaging, announcing its leadership and maturity in the imaging field. It will also represent our continuous breakthrough and commitment.”

Huawei nova series

In the first half of this year, Huawei and Leica ended their 6-year cooperation, and the release of XMAGE also means that Huawei no longer relies on the cooperation of international camera giants for empowerment, but builds its own image brand in the field of mobile imaging. own technical system.

Huawei is projecting XMAGE

Regarding the cooperation with Leica, here is what He Gang had to say

“Through cooperation with Leica, we have a better understanding of consumers’ needs. At the same time, we have more opportunities to meet consumer expectations. After the cooperation period expires, we insist on our own way. I don’t know how others will do it, but Huawei will deepen and penetrate its technology. We will continue to optimize key technology areas such as optical systems, imaging technology, and image processing.”

He Gang further claims that Huawei’s imaging mainly focuses on three key technical areas: optical system, imaging technology, and image processing. Some of its representative works are the dual-camera system of the P9 series, the free-form lens of the Mate40 series, the XD Fusion image engine of the P40 series, etc.

In He Gang’s view, XMAGE will further exert its technological advantages in five aspects. These aspects include optical design, mechanical structure, photoelectric conversion, image algorithm and image effect. The Chinese manufacturer will continue to invest in research and development. The unique image style of Huawei XMAGE has become the trend and direction of Huawei’s photo style. He Gang further claims that authenticity and warmth are the main colours of the XMAGE technology.

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