Honor Aims to Shake Up the Smartphone Market By Surpassing Apple and Huawei

Honor has been killing it with its brand-new smartphone releases. From the Magic 5 Series to mid-range phones such as X9a, the Chinese manufacturer has been wowing many smartphone users. In fact, the CEO, Zhao Ming, says that the company can defeat any opponent, including Apple and Huawei.

The remark from Zhao comes on the sideline of the Magic 5 launch event at MWC 2023. And with that launch events, the chief says the company now aims to compete with the strongest competitors. That is, the Chinese manufacturer will go all-in in the high-end smartphone segment.

Challenges That Honor Has to Face

Honor CEO does understand the challenges that will be in the way. The chief says the company must work on communication, battery life, communication, photography, AI, and screen display to achieve all the goals.

Along with that, Honor needs to pursue globalization of its brand. It must also fight and surpass any company that stands as an obstacle, whether Apple or Huawei. The CEO emphasized that the brand must face all the difficulties with proper tactics. And he further said that the phone maker would challenge great difficulties in forging ahead.

Industry Benchmark

Zhao seems to be very confident in Honor being regarded as one of the producers of the strongest smartphones. In fact, he believes that the Magic 5 series will set some new high-standard benchmarks in the phone industry. And if you look back, the case has not really been the same for the Chinese manufacturer.

In the past, the Huawei P series and Mate series have been setting industry benchmarks. These successes have led the brand to achieve a greater high-end market share. That is, Huawei has managed to gain 45 to 50 percent of the global market share with those phones.

Honor Smartphone

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But Zhao wants to change things. He added that Huawei was once a top phone brand in China. However, now, Honor is the right contender to set new standards in terms of benchmarks.

The honor chief also mentions that the brand designs are already based on the highest standards. Take network technology, for example. And if you take a look at the current high-end smartphones, you will notice most are lagging behind when it comes to network capabilities.

Even though 5G technology has matured a lot, the Huawei Mate 40 Pro is still at the top of the chart. Honor wants to take its advanced technologies and beat Huawei in that regard.

Can Honor Do It?

When asked about the current competition, the Honor chief says the brand is ready to compete with any opponent. In fact, he added the company has the courage and capabilities to defeat any opponent.

Now, these statements are nothing new for Honor. The CEO is widely known for his dedication. But this time, he realizes all the challenges that are in the way. And most importantly, he understands what the company needs to do to surpass them all and become a key player in China and the global market.

Honor Magic 5 Pro

However, you have to factor in the fact that Huawei has achieved its position with a massive R&D and innovation team. Honor does not currently have a team such as that. And it’s indeed far from reaching what Huawei has at the moment. Still, wise words and big aims are always praisable.

We just have to see what Honor does in the future with its smartphones. With the right moves, the company can surely reach the goal it is aiming for. And the brand seems to be already making the right moves. The Magic 5 series and X9a are getting a lot of attention lately.

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