HDD Prices Could Reportedly Fall to Just $10 Per 1TB by 2025!


While HDDs are certainly falling somewhat out of popularity due to the exceptionally fast speed offered with SSDs (and the latter certainly offering notably better value for money in recent years), I daresay that many of you reading this, like me, probably have at least one fat hard drive on your PC merely for the purpose of storing data and other general files which don’t necessarily require super fast access.

Typically speaking, however, for people looking for rather large HDDs, something in the region of 10TB, for example, would still typically cost you something in the region of $200. – Following a report via TechRadar, however, industry experts are saying that if HDD prices continue to fall at their current rate, the cost of 1TB of data within a hard drive might fall, from a consumer perspective, to as little as $10.

Yep, a 5TB HDD might cost only $50 within 2 years!

toshiba 18tb mg09 hdd

HDD Prices Could Plunge – Which is Good News!

By consulting research and general price trends from the last 20 years, experts at BackBlade (a highly popular cloud storage company) believe that the cost of a GB of data on an HDD should fall to only around 1c (1 US cent) by 2025 meaning that 1TB of data could be as cheap as $10. – And in this regard, they’re not talking about the cost of renting cloud storage. They’re talking about the physical devices meaning that that aforementioned $200 10TB HDD could, at least in theory, fall to only costing around $100 within the next 2 years.

Will it happen? Well, while I have some doubts, it’s hard to deny, as a whole, that the cost of storage has fallen quite notably over the last 5 years. And this is for both HDD and SSD devices. As low as $10 per 1TB though? Well, if that happens I’ll certainly be replacing my trusty 3TB hard drive.

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