Gigabyte Reveals Another 6800XT, Gaming OC PRO

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The next generation of AMD Graphics cards is here, well some of it but Gigabyte has decided it wants to squeeze a bit more out of the previous generation and has revealed a revision for the 6800XT Gaming OC.

Gigabyte 6800XT Gaming OC PRO Revision

Videocardz has revealed this new variant of 6800XT after receiving photos from Gigabyte as the product is not yet listed on Gigabyte’s website. So, what has changed with this new variant? Well to put it simply bigger equals better the 6800XT has received a new significantly bigger cooler which has been nicked from the 6950XT gaming OC and measures at least 33cm as opposed to the original cooler’s 28.6cm.

gigabyte6800xtpro 1

Performance and Specs

This card will feature the same specs as the normal 6800XT with 16GB GDDR6, however with the beefier cooler it will be logical to expect higher clock speeds as the size increase will improve its cooling capabilities significantly. The exact overclocks or specs haven’t been revealed by Gigabyte but with the existing RX 6800XT gaming OC featuring a clock of 2285 MHz, I imagine something higher than that. Also to be noted is that card will instead feature 3 8-pin power connectors as opposed to 2.

Gigabyte hasn’t revealed anything about this other than the photos so we currently have no ideas of pricing or availability but by the current pricing of the 6800XT, I’d guess around £600+.

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