GELID Launches Liquid 120 and 240 AIOs

GelidAIO 1

GELID Liquid Ultimate AIO

GELID Solutions uncovers two new GELID Liquid Ultimate AIO CPU Coolers as a product of the
GELID Solutions GAMER product line coming in two 120mm and 240mm models.

The epitome of superior liquid cooling technologies is the GELID Liquid AIO, providing Ultimate cooling performance with its premium-class high-density radiator fitted with 120mm ARGB PWM fans and a high-class low-noise water pump. The water pump includes an infinity mirror temperature display and the entire unit has a low noise level of 29.6 dBA, which is top-notch liquid cooling technology.

These new AIOs provide an all-in-one cooling solution and are compatible with even the most powerful Intel LGA 1700 socket CPUs and AMD‘s AM5 socket CPUs with the 120mm model supporting a TDP of 150W and the 240mm supporting over 240W.

Where Can I Learn More

You can find out more details about these AIOs on GELIDs product page here.

These coolers are available now for the following MSRP and are backed with a 5-year limited warranty.

GELID Liquid 120 – $66

GELID Liquid 240 – $85

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