EU Law Makes Anti-Speeding Tech Mandatory for New Cars!

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Speeding in your car is, generally speaking, not a very good idea. Not only does it tend to consume notably more fuel than it would at more legal speeds (and God knows that’s expensive enough at the moment!), but it also clearly raises the potential risk and consequences of accidents. Oh, and not to mention that speed cameras seem to be lurking everywhere these days ready to pounce on you for the mildest infraction!

To date, however, car technology has often shied away from going so far as to give drivers any notable indications of when they are speeding. – Following a report via Mashable, however, a new law applied in the EU now mandates that all cars sold in the region must feature some form of anti-speeding technology!

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EU Mandates ‘Anti-Speeding’ Tech in Cars!

The new technology, known as Intelligent speed assistance (ISA), now has to feature as a mandatory inclusion for any new car sold in the EU. What does this actually entail though? Well, ISA can actually be deployed in a number of ways. This can include:

  • An acoustic warning
  • A vibrating warning through the steering wheel
  • Some kind of haptic feedback on the accelerator pedal
  • A ‘limiting’ system that will automatically look to slow you down
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Now for those of you worried about this, and particularly the latter option on the above list, there is some good news. Namely, although new cars being sold in the EU have to apply ISA technology as of now, the manufacturer does have the option to pick one (or more) of the systems above.

In other words, they don’t have to use them all (and I can personally see the last one being an exceptionally unpopular choice). Furthermore, it’s understood that while the ISA systems will have to be enabled by default, the driver will still have the option to disable them all and in regards to the ‘limiting’ system, this also includes a manual override which the driver can do by placing further pressure on the accelerator pedal.

Will any of this have any effect though? Well, the short answer to this is that only time will tell. What do you think though? Do you think this new ISA tech is a good or bad idea? – Let us know in the comments!

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