Elden Ring’s DLC Could (Potentially) Add 30 New Bosses!

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The question of how many boss fights Elden Ring has is a somewhat contentious subject. The answer could be as low as 32 or as high as 238 depending on your definition of what actually constitutes a ‘boss fight’. I mean, just because some dramatic music plays and you see that ominous health bar appear at the bottom of the screen, does this automatically mean you’re (probably) about to have a bad time?…

Well, in this regard, the best answer I can give you is the somewhat vague response that Elden Ring has a lot of boss fights. – Following a report via PCGamesN, however, a recent data mine has revealed that FromSoftware has left as many as 30 slots open for new boss fights which, we suspect, are going to form part of future DLC releases!

Elden Ring DLC Could Add Up to 30 New Bosses?

A check through the latest 1.07 update data for Elden Ring has found that the title currently has 30 boss ‘flags’ which have yet to be allocated. – Now, of course, the most logical conclusion is that these empty spaces will be filled when FromSoftware launches some DLC for the title. – And while this is 99.9% guaranteed to happen, at the time of writing, they’re still being notably silent on the subject.

This does, however, raise the question as to how any DLC for Elden Ring can (or could) be applied. – A new extended map area seems like a possible, if not probable, option. Albeit, given the open-world design of the game, it’s equally feasible that FromSoftware (not dissimilar to something like World of Warcraft) may choose to completely renovate the entire landscape throwing in these new bosses as an extra sweetener to get people to return.

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If Elden Ring is getting DLC though, we’d expect to hear something about it within the next few months with its release likely set to coincide, roughly speaking, with the game’s anniversary (February 2022). – With as many as 30 spots potentially open for new encounters though, it’ll be interesting to see what fresh hell they can cook up for us this time around!

Please though, let Melania stay dead! I had enough trouble getting her the first time!

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