Dark Souls 2 Mod Cranks Up the Difficulty By Simply Making You Play it Upside Down!

Dark Souls 2

While Dark Souls 2 does predominantly seem to represent the black sheep of the Soulsborne franchise to much of the fanbase, it is personally my favourite title (so far). And no, I’m not just saying that to be edgy or controversial. Yes, Dark Souls 2 has its flaws, but when compared to everything else in the franchise, it’s the one I dumped the most hours into (and by a huge margin too). – Albeit Elden Ring is slowly but surely starting to creep up on that.

Despite all my experience and prowess in the game, however, I’m not so brash in my abilities as to flippantly say ‘oh yeah, sure, I’m so good at Dark Souls 2 I could beat it upside-down’. – If you are, however, feeling more confident about your own talents then a new mod has been released that looks to give you that exact challenge!

Yes, you can now play Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin upside down!

Dark Souls 2
Don’t Adjust Your Monitor!

Dark Souls 2- Scholar of the Upside Down!

So, what does this mod look to do? Well, overall, it’s an incredibly simple change, yet one that will undoubtedly even make the most experienced players sweat a little. – Put simply, the mod looks to flip the main camera upside down and, well… That’s about it really!

Sounds easy enough, but bare in mind though that while your camera will be upside down, your controller is not mapped to coordinate with it. So while your eyes might tell you to dodge right, remember that you’re going to have to actually dodge left on your controller. – And if only it was that simple! – You also have to take into consideration the whole forward and backwards motion to make sure you actually head in the right direction.

Put simply, I’m not sure I could escape the tutorial area without dying at least a couple of times!

Where Can I Try This Out?

As often is the case with any Dark Souls title, you are solidly recommended to only play this in offline mode to prevent yourself from risking any ‘soft ban’ ire from FromSoftware. – Additionally, you might also want to get your sanity checked for making an already notably difficult game even harder.

Presuming you do, however, want to check it out, you can visit the ‘Upside Down’ mod website via the link here!

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