Chinese Homemade GPU Performs As Well as Nvidia – Well, Nvidia 10 Years Ago!

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Back in 2020, the Chinese government announced plans to remove all outside technology from its state-owned systems by the end of 2022. Put simply, by the end of this year, no state systems would be allowed to feature any technology from Intel, Nvidia, AMD, and others.

Now, admittedly, with that supposed deadline being just 5 months away, at this point it seems pretty likely (if not clear) that their reach here exceeded their grasp. Oh sure, both ‘homemade’ CPUs and GPUs are undoubtedly in development but based upon the most recent information, it would appear that both branches are still mostly, at best, in a not overly impressive state with comparative performance to the aforementioned manufacturers being, well… Non-existent!

Following a report via Videocardz, however, a Chinese-developed GPU has appeared on 3DMark and, based on the results, it manages to hold par with Nvidia. That is, however, presuming that you’re only paying attention to ten-year-old Nvidia graphics cards.

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Presenting the Glenfly Arise-GT-10C0 GPU!

Ok, yes, a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour there for sure. Overall though, this brand new graphics card (Glenfly Arise-GT-10C0) is more than a little both curious and humourous. For one, it still offers DVI support which I don’t think I’ve seen on either an AMD or Nvidia GPU for over 5 years! – Secondly, though, following the publication of some 3DMark results, its score shows it as being roughly on par with an Nvidia GT 630.

A graphics card that, incidentally, was released back in 2012. A factor which clearly gives you a pretty firm idea as to just how far, even despite all of China’s resources, they have to go to play catch-up.

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What Do We Think?

Giving this GPU the benefit of the doubt, it is partnered with another homemade Chinese product in the processor. This is, however, about as far as I can go. While processors clearly play some role within a 3DMark benchmark result, that ‘margin of error’ is simply not great enough to suggest that this GPU is anything more (by Western standards) than a heavily antiquated paperweight!

Still, though, you’ve got to start somewhere. Even despite the fact that Intel is looking to offer Nvidia and AMD’s current-gen GPUs some competition with their upcoming Arc graphics cards. More than anything, I can’t see Chinese people having much fun gaming on one of these if their mandate spreads wider than just state-owned systems. Well, not unless they really enjoy playing GTA 3.

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

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