OpenAI Pulls Wraps From GPT-4, Without Text-To-Video

OpenAI GPT-4

The large multimodal language model, GPT-4, is ready for prime time, although, contrary to reports circulating since Friday, it doesn’t support the ability to produce videos from text. GPT-4 can, however, accept image and text input and produce text output. Over a range of domains — including documents with text and photographs, diagrams, or screenshots …

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Fighting Back Against the Sextortion Epidemic

a worried teenager looking at her smartphone

Digital Forensics Corporation is battling to protect and educate the public about a rapidly growing trend in cybercrime dubbed sextortion, where online predators target teens and young adults with threats to expose sensitive personal photos. The extortionists disguise their identity on social media platforms, claiming to have a revealing picture or video that they will …

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US Marshals Service Breached by Ransomware Attack

cyberwarfare hacker

Despite a fall off in ransomware attacks since last year, the U.S. Marshals Service on Monday disclosed that it suffered a “major” breach of its computer network on Feb. 17 that included a ransomware component. Numerous recent cybersecurity reports suggest that ransomware is becoming less profitable for cybercriminals as more victims refuse to pay their …

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Windows 365 Will Change the Personal Computer Market

Windows 365

Personal computer sales recently began to slow down to levels not seen since early 2020, before the pandemic turbocharged the PC space. By all estimates, PC manufacturers are battening down the hatch for yet another challenging year after shipments fell markedly in 2022. The pandemic-fueled sugar high of PC shipments that the industry saw in …

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Excess Exuberance, Not ‘Bossism’ Behind Wave of Tech Layoffs

employee laid off exiting office with a cardboard box of belongings

Tech layoffs have been grabbing headlines recently, for good reason. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has laid off 12,000, about 12% of its workforce. Facebook’s parent Meta has chopped 11,000 workers from the rolls, and IBM slashed 3,900 employees, 1.5% of its global workforce. All told, 1,045 tech companies laid off 160,097 workers in 2022, and …

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OpenAI Exec Admits AI Needs Regulation

OpenAI CTO Mira Murati stoked the controversy over government oversight of artificial intelligence Sunday when she conceded in an interview with Time magazine that the technology needed to be regulated. “It’s important for OpenAI and companies like ours to bring this into the public consciousness in a way that’s controlled and responsible,” Murati told Time. …

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China Delivers Its First Practical Quantum Computer System

Quantum Computer

China’s Science Ministry on Monday announced that the country’s first practical quantum computer was delivered to a user, which the agency didn’t identify, a year ago. The 24-qubit Wuyan system based on superconducting technology was built by Origin Quantum Computing Technology, a company founded in 2017 by two of the country’s leading quantum physicists, Guo …

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EdTech Study Game Approach Aces Med School Test Curve

student studying on a notebook computer

Advancements in education technology, or EdTech, come from changes of approach in the wake of shortcomings. Innovative educational technology can adapt existing tools or create new ones to help people navigate learning obstacles. King of the Curve (KOTC) is a disruptive EdTech startup with its sights set on helping to ease the looming doctor shortage. …

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Aptera Solar-Powered Vehicle Ready To Roll in 2023

Aptera Launch Edition

Aptera, a developer of a futuristic-looking, solar-powered passenger car, has pulled the wraps off its first production vehicle, which it says will be rolling off the assembly line this year. According to the company, the all-wheel-drive, three-wheeled, two-passenger vehicle will have a range of 400 miles, can sprint to 60 mph in four seconds, and …

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