AI-Smart Flowy Automates Fixes for Website Accessibility


ChatGPT-powered Flowy might be a game changer for innovative developers looking to improve website accessibility. Israel-based, a provider of web accessibility solutions, announced the release of Flowy last month. Ran Ronen, the company’s co-founder and CEO, believes that accessibility should be fundamental to every web product. He designed the new platform to help developers …

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Microsoft Increases Limits on Bing AI Chat Turns Per Session

Microsoft's Bing AI chatbot on a smartphone

Less than a week after it imposed search limits on the AI version of its Bing search engine, Microsoft is raising those limits. In the wake of some embarrassing reports of erratic behavior by the new Bing, Microsoft decided last Friday to limit a user’s daily usage to five chat “turns” per session and 50 …

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Calix Expands Managed Service Capability to SMB, MDU Markets

Calix CEO and President Michael Weening presents at ConneXions 22

Calix has been one of the major success stories in the highly competitive technology communications space over the past several years. Although it’s a company that few consumers would immediately recognize by name, the Calix cloud and software platforms empower internet service providers of all categories and sizes to transform and electrify their businesses. On …

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How Amazon Manages Category Crossover


Amazon does not develop smartphones or PCs, and its tablets lack widely used Google apps. Nonetheless, the company has built one of the most powerful consumer device ecosystems. Under the banner of creating personalized, intuitive, and proactive ambient experiences, its technology has begun to permeate our lives, starting with smart speakers and distributing Alexa across …

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The ESG Contrast Between Michael Dell and Elon Musk

green business, ESG, environmental, social, and governance

Elon Musk has gone on record saying that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts are “a scam” that has “been weaponized by phony social justice warriors.” Were we back in the early 2000s, he’d have been right. Back then, Dell’s ESG plan of record was to plant a tree for every complying sale. The entities …

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Killing Twitter, With Tesla as Collateral Damage [Opinion]

Will this be the deal that breaks Elon Musk? He’s a risk-taker which has proven to be a good thing in many ways. Businesses like Tesla, SpaceX, and Starlink would have either failed or failed to launch successfully without him. However, most of his businesses are also at risk, often because of Musk’s moves. For …

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Amazon Astro Is Cute, Spunky, Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

Amazon Astro, Household Robot

I was fortunate to get a chance to spend some time with Amazon’s new robotic sidekick, Astro, over the past week. Presumably named Astro because of Amazon’s fondness for the lovable dog on the 1960s cartoon series “The Jetsons,” it is now available on an invite-only basis for $1,000. However, the price will eventually climb …

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Nest Cam’s Unique Battery and Solar Power Options

Google Nest Cam home security camera moutned outdoors

Google’s Nest Cam with battery is a home security camera by Google that offers an innovative portable outdoor/indoor security solution with advanced features at an entry-level price of $179.99. Now, with a product bundle from smart home accessories brand Wasserstein, the Nest Cam can be paired with a new 3.5-Watt Premium Solar Panel priced at …

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