Business Conditions Prime for Open-Source Contributors in 2023


Companies that established open-source program offices over the last few years now need more C-suite oversight to drive education, awareness, and usage of open-source software. That sets the stage for an expanded role of open-source program officers. Incorporating open-source technology brings organizations an ecosystem that expands the user base, resulting in loyalty and stickiness. It …

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Forrester Urges IT Teams To Defend Against Nation-State Threats

cybersecurity team

The global rising tide of cyber threats from nation-states should be a red flag for private sector security leaders in all industries to prepare for more frequent and brazen attacks in the future, according to Forrester Research. To help companies prepare for the changing nation-state attack landscape, Forrester unveiled on March 2 a new model …

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AI-Smart Flowy Automates Fixes for Website Accessibility


ChatGPT-powered Flowy might be a game changer for innovative developers looking to improve website accessibility. Israel-based, a provider of web accessibility solutions, announced the release of Flowy last month. Ran Ronen, the company’s co-founder and CEO, believes that accessibility should be fundamental to every web product. He designed the new platform to help developers …

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Democratizing Software Development With the Human Cloud

Many companies face an arduous balancing act at the start of 2023 between an uncertain economic climate and the critical advantage they must maintain for competitive innovation. New technologies from Web3, blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence continue to evolve work ethics that make that task more challenging. Cory Hymel, vice president of product at …

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It’s a Great Time To Be a Software Developer


Software developers should be thrilled with this year’s potential. The introduction of modern tools, innovations, and frameworks will provide more opportunities for greater efficiency and much more fun as a programmer in 2023. Yoav Abrahami, chief architect and head of Velo at Wix Code discussed with TechNewsWorld why he sees such a rosy prospect for …

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Google Cloud Introduces New AI-Powered Medical Imaging Suite

medical imaging research scientist evaluating brain scans

Applying artificial intelligence to medical images can be beneficial to physicians and patients, but developing the tools to do it can be challenging. Google on Tuesday announced it’s ready to meet that challenge with its new Medical Imaging Suite. “Google pioneered the use of AI and computer vision in Google Photos, Google Image Search and …

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Zero Trust SIM Boosts BYOD Security

For years companies have been allowing their workers to mix business and pleasure on their mobile devices, a move that’s increased anxiety among cybersecurity professionals. Now a network security outfit says it has a way to secure personal mobile devices that might allow cyber warriors to sleep less fitfully. Cloudflare on Monday announced its Zero …

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Coding Vulnerabilities, Linux Growth, FOSS Friction Cap Summer Highlights

As IT workers continue their daunting job of protecting network users from bad guys, a few new tools might help stem the tide of vulnerabilities that continue to link open source and proprietary software. Canonical and Microsoft reached a new agreement to make their two cloud platforms play nicer together. Meanwhile, Microsoft apologized to open-source …

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IT Security Pros Push for Consolidated Standards, Vendor Products [Report]

Cybersecurity pros want the computer industry to push for vendor consolidation and open standards. This major change in how IT pros safeguard networks is long overdue, according to new research by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) International and independent industry analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a division of TechTarget. The push toward vendor …

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Ransomware Greatest Risk to Supply Chain in Minds of IT Pros

Ransomware is the top supply chain risk facing organizations today, according to a survey released Monday by ISACA, an association for IT professionals with 140,000 members in 180 countries. The survey, based on responses from more than 1,300 IT pros with supply chain insights, found that nearly three-quarters of the respondents (73%) said ransomware was …

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