Ubuntu Core 22 Release Addresses Challenges of IoT, Edge Computing

Canonical is pushing the security and usability conveniences of managing internet of things (IoT) and edge devices with its June 15 release of Ubuntu Core 22, the fully containerized Ubuntu 22.04 LTS variant optimized for IoT and edge devices. Combined with Canonical’s technology offer, this release brings Ubuntu’s operating system and services to a complete …

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Data Observability’s Big Challenge: Build Trust at Scale

The cost of cleaning data is often beyond the comfort zone of businesses swamped with potentially dirty data. That clogs the pathways to trustworthy and compliant corporate data flow. Few companies have the resources needed to develop tools for challenges like data observability at scale, according to Kyle Kirwan, co-founder and CEO of data observability …

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Titan Linux Beta Brings Simplicity, Finesse to KDE Remake

Titan Linux is not an operating system that casual Linux users — especially new adopters — should install on their primary or only computer. But seasoned Linux distribution hoppers looking for a pleasant new Linux experience should not pass up the new offering. Titan is a new distro built on the Debian Stable branch. Developers …

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Meta vs. Varjo and Nvidia: The Bifurcation of the Metaverse


With last week’s announcement that the Varjo Reality Cloud had exited beta and is now in full release, we basically have two metaverse camps: Meta’s, which is focused on the consumer and revenue and is defined by performance limitations associated with its wireless Oculus headset; and the Varjo-Nvidia approach where performance is king, business is …

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Slipping Graphics Chip Prices Could Signal Coming End of Semiconductor Shortages

silicon semiconductor chips

A cocktail of increased supply, slowing demand and added capacity is bringing down the price of graphics chips. It could also signal the beginning of the end of the semiconductor shortage that’s been plaguing the world since the start of the Covid pandemic. The decline in graphics chip prices is a simple case of supply …

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Linux Security Study Reveals When, How You Patch Matters

Computer security only happens when software is kept up to date. That should be a basic tenet for business users and IT departments. Apparently, it isn’t. At least for some Linux users who ignore installing patches, critical or otherwise. A recent survey sponsored by TuxCare, a vendor-neutral enterprise support system for commercial Linux, shows companies …

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