Breath Of The Wild Speedrunner Beats the Game 50 Times in Just 24 Hours!

zelda breath of the wild

Although it has been a fair while since I last played Breath Of The Wild if I was to give you an overview of a typical 24-hour gameplay period for me it would probably be mostly filled with my attempting to climb up things (repeatedly) that I probably shouldn’t! – Overall though, I absolutely loved the game. And particularly so for the exploration element of it. – For speedrunners though, Breath Of The Wild is a much simpler concept to grasp. You’ve simply got to hit those end credits as quickly as possible.

In something of a truly remarkable achievement, however, Twitch Streamer and speedrunner ‘Player5‘ has managed to beat Zelda Breath of the Wild fifty times within just a singular 24-hour period.

Breath Of The Wild Speedrunner Beaten 50 Times in 24 Hours!

As part of something of a personal challenge, Player 5 wanted to see how many times they could beat Zelda Breath of the Wild in a 24-hour binge period. So, in putting this to the test, they managed to do it fifty times with an average run taking circa 25 minutes. – Yep, from Link leaving his regenerative cave to defeating Dark Beast Ganon, they smashed the game 50 times in a row which each playthrough only taking slightly longer than a Simpsons episode!

Could I do this? Probably not. This is, however, just how refined Breath of the Wild speedrunning is these days. It even comes down to the language which French being the most optimal due to slightly fewer text boxes. – Yes, at this level, even things like this matter!

What do you think though? How many times did you beat Breath of the Wild at all? Was it just once over a 50-hour total completion time? – Let us know in the comments!

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