Blade Runner GOG Store Page Update Gives You The Choice Who They’ll Pay!

Blade Runner

Late last month we finally saw the release of Blade Runner Enhanced Edition, and despite having a lot of love for this gaming title, quite frankly, I wish they hadn’t bothered. – Yes, admittedly, the game always faced something of an uphill struggle from the start and especially so given that the original source code was long lost meaning that developer ‘Nightdive Studios’ effectively had to reverse engineer the project first before they could start looking at areas to improve. – On the whole though, the ‘Enhanced Edition’ isn’t great (see here for more info!).

One of the key bones of contention from the community was that the release of this new ‘Enhanced Edition’ had completely replaced all prior versions. And this was especially important in regards to a, basically, fan-made release that had not only successfully got the original title to work well on modern systems but also added some small segments of cut content from the original CD-ROM version. – While this was reintroduced and bundled in with the enhanced edition, however, this didn’t solve the problem entirely due to the overall way it was being sold.

Following an update on GOG.COM, however, consumers now have the choice to vote with their wallets as to which version they want to play!

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition
Original VS “Enhanced” – Spot the difference (if you can!)

Blade Runner – Enhanced Edition or Better Edition!

Following the update to the GOG.COM store, users now have a choice on their hands and, admittedly, on that on the surface might seem a bit of a no-brainer. – With both ‘versions’ costing the same money, you can either purchase the original release (which includes the fan-made ScummVM version), or you can purchase the new ‘Enhanced Edition’ that includes all versions of Blade Runner.

So, with this in mind, getting the latter seems to make infinitely more sense, right? Well, yes and no!


You see, by buying the ‘Enhanced Edition’ while you have access to all release versions of Blade Runner, the money you pay will go to ‘Nightdive Studios’ (the aforementioned creator of this latest release). Whereas, if you choose to just ultimately for the original release including the version with fan-made improvements, the money goes to the original Blade Runner games right holders.

The bottom line is that by purchasing the original (and honestly better) version, you’re not rewarding Nightdive Studios in any way for their honestly heartbreakingly disappointing (and so-called) ‘Enhanced Edition’.

What Do We Think?

If you’re genuinely curious about checking Blade Runner out, I’ll freely concede that it’s a hard sale for me to tell you to spend exactly the same money to get less for your money. Ultimately though, I can’t understate enough just how amazing a full-blown Blade Runner Remaster could have been and what Nightdive Studios gave us was, well… Nothing short of a total disappointment.

It’s up to you, but if you want to check out Blade Runner and don’t feel like rewarding Nightdive for this piss-poor ‘Enhanced Edition’ release, well, you now have the option at least! – (You can check out the official GOG.COM store website via the link here!)

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

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