Bizarre Warzone 2 Tactic Sees Players Going For Self-Revive Kits Instead of Kills!

Warzone 2

While players are, of course, free to explore as many advantageous tactics as they like in Warzone 2, the typical ethos of the game is to get some loot, kill your opponents, and be the last one standing. – It certainly sounds simple enough, but whether that actually happens though is clearly down to a combination of both luck and skill.

Following a report via DigitalTrends, however, it seems that a bizarre ‘new’ tactic has emerged which can potentially see you get a solo win without ever firing a gun in anger once. There’s only one catch, you need to hoard as many self-revive kits as you can!

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Warzone 2 – Self Revive Kits FTW!

Seemingly confirmed to work by a large number of players, you might at this point be wondering how you could possibly win a Warzone 2 game merely through the merits of having masses of self-revive kits. – Well, overall, the glitch isn’t overly dissimilar to a bug that once existed in the original Warzone.

Overall, the key is to survive a solo round until the end game (which is clearly hard enough in itself) and then avoid your opponent discovering you while the final circle closes in. At this point, it turns into a combination of hide and seek and a battle of attrition. Through masses of self-revive kits, however, you can survive the gas for more than long enough to outlast your opponent meaning that you can beat the game with zero kills! – And this isn’t theory either as it’s already been done multiple times.

Of course, the chances of success using this tactic are incredibly low. You’ve not only got to find a whole host of self-revive kits, but you’ve also got to avoid all combat until it’s down to a solo 1 v 1. And even then you’ve got to hope that your opponent is incapable of finding you. When it works though? Well, let’s just say that I’d never considered this in Warzone 2, but I applaud the challenge if nothing else!

Rest assured though, like the aforementioned Warzone 1 bug, expect Activision to ‘fix’ this in Warzone 2 within the next few weeks.

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