be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX 360mm AIO Liquid Cooler Review

be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX

be quiet! undoubtedly represents one of the most premium and respected brands when it comes to their cooling solutions. Having reviewed many of them in the past, I have never failed to be impressed with their performance, and, of course, the amazingly low levels of acoustic output. – With the newly released be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX, however, we have something a little different to their usual ‘norm’.

Following on from prior product releases last year, the be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX represents their latest cooling product to feature ARGB lighting. – No, don’t worry, be quiet! hasn’t abandoned consumers who don’t like ARGB products, but for those of you who do, the Pure Loop 2 FX is well worth checking out as a new and very impressive AIO liquid cooler product!

be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX

be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX

The Pure Loop 2 FX is available in a 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm configuration. For this specific review, however, we’ll be taking a closer look at the top-spec 360mm variant (and no, not just because we like big things). – Offering high levels of cooling performance with bright and vibrant ARGB lighting to both the CPU block and radiator fans, I think that the be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX is looking to strike a balance between sleek and stylish aesthetics while offering something for those who want to take things to the next visual level.

Overall, it packs a lot of impressive features and is clearly looking to represent itself as a flagship product for be quiet!. Something, I suspect, that’s going to be more than warranted as we take a closer look at it during this review!

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  • High cooling performance
  • 3 Light Wings PWM high-speed fans offer equally high air pressure and vibrant illumination
  • Doubly decoupled PWM pump for quiet operation and minimal vibration
  • ARGB-PWM-Hub enables synchronization of up to 6 ARGB components and PWM fans
  • Combination of ARGB illumination, all-black design and aluminium style for an unmistakable and stylish look
  • Easy-to-access refill port and included coolant bottle guarantee a long lifespan
  • The nickel-coated cold plate allows optimum use of liquid metal thermal compound
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Product conception, design and quality control in Germany
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Technical Information

For more in-depth specifications, please visit the official be quiet! website via the link here!

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What Does be quiet! Have To Say?

“Compared to the current Pure Loop series, Pure Loop 2 FX brings stunning improvements to the table for this AIO water cooler: the white LEDs around the cooling block are replaced with ARGB LEDs, while the Pure Wings 2 PWM high-speed fans on the radiator make room for Light Wings PWM high-speed fans for higher static pressure and better visual effects. By popular demand the pump is now PWM-adjustable, allowing better fine-tuning of the performance/noise balance. On top of that, the water cooler includes an ARGB and PWM fan hub.”

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