Apple to develop future Mac chips in Israel

Apple is opening a new development base in Israel to develop new Apple silicon chips for future Macs. Elad Wertheimer, who oversees Apple’s chip talent recruitment, made the announcement in a LinkedIn post. According to Wertheimer, Apple’s new development base will be involved in several Israeli-led flagship projects, including cutting-edge “future Mac chips“. Apple already operates two R&D bases in Herzliya and Haifa, Israel. Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technology, Johny Srouji, is from Israel and was responsible for establishing the Israel Development Center. At the moment, the centre employs about 2,000 people.

future Mac chips

Johny Srouji said last month: “Through Israel’s development, Apple manages and simplifies data storage technology in a range of devices, including the Apple Watch’s wireless communication components, and integrated circuits developed in Israel. The Israeli team is also developing the company. It plays a central role in advanced versions of the flagship M1 chip, including the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips designed to power high-end Mac computers such as the MacBook Pro and MacBook Studio. The manufacturing of these Mac chips will take place in Isreal. The company will also collaborate with other teams around the world, including Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino.”

Since 2011, Apple has significantly expanded its presence in Israel, focusing on semiconductor design, testing and engineering. Earlier this year, The Times of Israel reported that Apple’s Israeli team directly supports the development of the M1 chip.

Israel will build the country’s first quantum computer with an investment of over $60 million

According to Israeli media, CTech, the Israel Innovation Authority and the Israeli Ministry of Defense – Defense Research and Development Agency (IMOD DDR&D) will fund the establishment of Israel’s first quantum computer with a budget of about NIS 200 million (about $63 million dollars).

Investments in quantum computers will be in two parallel and complementary directions. The Israel Innovation Authority will focus on building and developing quantum computing infrastructure. This will be for running computations directly or via cloud access and primarily for optimization purposes. Initially, in order to build and operate the infrastructure, some overseas technology may be used. IMOD DDR&D will establish a national centre with quantum capabilities. The centre will work with academia, industry, and all national research and development infrastructure (TELEM).

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