AMD’s Mid-Tier Ryzen 7600X Whups the Intel i9-12900K in Benchmark Result!

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With both AMD and Intel expected to announce and release their new processors at about the same time, we’re heading towards yet another battle for supremacy in the CPU stakes. In many respect though, a lot of sources believe that coming hot off the heels of the highly-impressive 5800X3D, AMD may, at least in terms of performance, not only have the capability to beat Intel but possibly by a pretty comfortable margin too.

Will this happen though? Well, following a report via Videocardz there are certainly some encouraging signs as an AMD Ryzen 5 7600X has been benchmarked, and, based on the scores we can conclude two key points. Firstly, it comfortably seems to have the beating of the Intel i9-12900K, but more so, it absolutely destroys the current 5600X!

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AMD Ryzen 5 7600X ‘Benchmarked’

Firstly we should point out that the comparative results have been taken from ‘Userbenchmark’ which, no offence to them, isn’t an overly reliable source of 100% accurate information predominantly due to allowing seemingly comparative results on unsuitably matched hardware. Put simply, I’d rather see scores in something like PCMark than this.

Presuming the results are accurate, however, then this could be our first indication towards some potentially very exciting stuff!

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Eye-Catching Performance?

While you are, of course, free to mull over the results yourself (presuming you know to take them with a moderate grain of salt), there are really two huge stand-out pieces of information from these scores.

Firstly, the Ryzen 5 7600X isn’t just going to beat the 5600X, but presuming this is accurate, it’s going to absolutely destroy it in terms of performance! Taking both single and multi-core results, on average, the 7600X shows a performance gain of circa 50%! – Yes, fifty per cent just in case you thought that might have been a typo. – For generation-on-generation comparison, this is nothing less than an obscene figure to consider.

Secondly? Well, when you consider that the 7600X is, effectively, a mid-tier bracket for AMD, the scores provided show it beating the Intel i9-12900K (a damn good processor by the way) by as much as circa 20% in the single-core category. Yes, multi-core shows it roughly on par, but lest we forget that the vast majority of gaming performance often comes from how good single-core performance is.

Put simply, if these results are accurate, then… Well… I don’t think I’ll be anything short of absolutely gobsmacked! While some were optimistic for Ryzen 7000, this is, quite frankly, beyond even the wildest of dreams! It’ll be interesting to see if Intel’s Raptor Lake will have an adequate response.

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