2 Pack Pocket Juice Wireless Instant Fast Charging Desk Pads

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  • Suitable for Most Smartphones, Earbuds and devices with Wireless Charging Capability
  • Pocket Juice Wireless Instant Fast Charging Desk Pads 10 Watts Twin 2 Pack With versatile viewing options, an understated design, and automatic wireless charging capability, the Pocket Juice 10 W wireless fast-charging desk pad by Tzumi is the perfect accessory to fuel your devices wherever you need to get work done.
  • This powerful charging pad supports the Qi QC3 wireless inductive charging standard and, unlike many other wireless chargers, will even power devices through cases less than 3 mm thick. All you need to do is place your device down on the soft, slip-proof silicone surface and the pad will instantly begin to charge your device. The pad comes with a 10 W capacity, meaning your gear will charge at impressive speeds – and its space-saving design means you’ll still have the desk space for everything else that matters

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